Peter White and Komichi Dojo

Komichi Dojo Training Video

A recent video of Peter White (Shihan) training with Komichi Dojo students. Enjoy!

Komichi Dojo Training Video

Peter White (Shihan) training with Komichi Dojo students. Mostly Bojutsu. Enjoy!

Komichi Dojo Training Video - Ukemi

Ukemi - Evasion Techniques

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International Bujinkan Dojo Locator

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Peter White Instructor


Peter White has been training for the past 24 years in the Bujinkan Budo-Taijutsu. He is the founder and Shihan of Komichi Dojo!

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Learn with the Masters

One of the Japanese Bujinkan Shihan - Naguchi sensei - He is an incredible master and he is brilliant at disguising his kyojutsu!

Australian Shihan

The first Australian Takai in 1997 - These are the Shihan that demonstrated their taijutsu at the event.

Komichi Dojo

Komichi Dojo encompasses a whole range of unarmed and armed techniques. The "Tiger & Dragon" principal - Dragon being catching/ grabbing (YIN ) and Tiger is punching/kicking (YANG).

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Welcome to the Komichi Dojo website!

The Komichi Dojo is a very relaxed and fun environment for all range of students from advanced to absolute beginners.  It is a school of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu located in the Blue Mountains Katoomba Masonic Hall, Katoomba. Komichi Dojo was established in 2003 when Peter White (Shihan) arrived back in Australia after training in Japan for 4 years.

Join Us Today!“Komichi” is a Japanese word and can be translated as “old path”. Komichi Dojo represents a training hall that guides the practitioner to the true path of understanding in History, Tradition and Anthropology of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu as taught by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei. In this training we look at the old ways in which techniques were used and adapt those methods to the present.

Four Reasons to Practice Bujinkan!

Confidence & Self Esteem


1 Develop your own physical and spiritual power through total training in all aspects of combative arts!

Fitness & Flexibility

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2 Breathing and flexibility through Yoga style stretching are a vital to the key understanding of ukemi and taijutsu used in Bujinkan!

Defence of Self/Others


3  “Preserving and Protecting life” – in studying warrior arts, it is not just about self-defence, but about how you can protect those around you, so they will always feel safe, wherever you are!

Friends and Community


4 Komichidojo is open to students of all ages and the training atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable for all!  Come and experience the “feeling” of this wonderful martial art, which has been passed down through the ages.