Duncan Stewart’s seminar on Kukishinden Ryu

Duncan Stewart’s seminar on Kukishinden Ryu

August 11, 2007 @ 12:00 am – 6:00 am
Courageousheart Dojo
Petersham, Petersham Scout Hall, 11-13 New Canterbury Rd

Hi Everyone, Earlier this year it was flagged that Duncan Stewart would be back in Sydney to conduct a seminar in August.

This is to confim that Duncan Stewart will be in Sydney on August 11-12 and will conduct a seminar on Kukishinden Ryu.

The location is the Courageousheart Dojo, Petersham, Petersham Scout Hall, 11-13 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham.

Cost for the weekend will be $100 or $60 per day.

10 – 4pm each day (lunch break 12:30 -1:30)

Duncan has lived and trained in Japan for over three years and trains with (and is
consistently uke for) Hatsumi Sensei and Nagato Sensei. As you know, the next best thing to training in Japan is to train with people who are in frequent contact with Sensei’s teaching – Training with Duncan offers a great opportunity to “steal the feeling” of training with Soke, from someone who gets to experience what happens to people who throw attacks at Soke and Nagato Sensei’s on a regular basis!

If you are able to come, please send a brief email, confirming your attendance and/or advising estimates of numbers from your dojo planning to attend.

On a related matter, Oz Taikai DVDs are still being finalised and should be distributed soon (thanks for your patience).

Regards and hope to see you on the 11th and 12th August, Gillian Booth

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