“Stealing the Technique” attitude.

Shihan Naguchi sensei with Peter WhiteShihan Naguchi sensei with Peter White

When a technique is being shown by our teachers, it is particularly important and respectful to be able to replicate that movement when practising with your partner when learning Kihon Happou! The Kihon Happou is the foundations of the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and a pathway to understanding the ‘feeling‘ passed on by the guidance of your ‘experienced‘ teacher. This martial art can only be understood through ‘human to human’. When we understand the Kihon Happou well, we have a good understanding of our own body and thus can then see a movement, then mirror our teacher’s taijutsu. To do Henka is good but if you can not do the Kihon effectively, there will be flaws in your taijutsu!

Understanding this is this basic principal is the “Shu” of “Shu Ha Ri.”

A quote from Hatsumi sensei, “A good martial artist  must be able to ‘steal‘ the information he/she is learning in order to adapt that ‘feeling‘ to their own taijutsu. Interpret and understand what it is all about, including all the secrets that are subtlties so small you cannot always see them!”

Countless times I reflect on training at Nagato sensei’s training sessions, he would often say, (quote) “It is very important that everybody should be able to look at a technique being demonstrated only once, then copy it!”

There are people in high profile positions (e.g Special Forces) that are required to get the job done first time every time without hesitation as they hear it and/or see it as lives generally are dependant on what they do! If we are put in a position of danger and are required to make decisions based on life or death, be it protecting yourself or family or friends, whatever the case maybe, our attitude changes!

A quote that I love by Winston Churchill that I used to read in my bedroom on a wall hanging reads, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. 

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