Peter’s Bujinkan dojo provides an excellent and safe environment to learn and enjoy this great martial art. Peter’s friendly and relaxed approach to teaching students builds your confidence and ability with each training session. There is no doubt to Peter’s high level of skill and expertise and he uses this to nurture his students in their personal development.  Most importantly we have fun while we train with a great bunch of people.S. Bernardi

Peter shows great depth in his technique and knowledge, and demonstrates how the ancient art of Bujinkan applies to the real world, in real situations – giving you little gems of knowledge along the way. He shows a patience and attentiveness to his students and paces his training to their abilities, growing them when they are ready. His jovial nature makes the training a fun exploration of Bujinkan while still maintaining the intention that its true to budo. I’m really glad to have Peter as my Bujinkan instructorD.Crabb

In my opinion Peter is very knowledgeble in the art of Bujinkan Taijutsu. He is passionate when discussing it and his explanation of techniques is very easy to understand. Peter’s communication is clear, precise, and effective. I find that he is very approachable and enjoys passing on his knowledge of Bujinkan to his students. I really enjoy learning from him!O. Kolev

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