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“Gambate” – Keep Going!

Komichidojo Instructor - Peter White with Nagato senseiKomichidojo Instructor - Peter White with Nagato sensei

On training, it is important to keep going! This saying has many meanings and can be interpreted in many different ways as our teachers (Japanese Shihan) will always finish off training with “Gambate kudsai” – “Please keep going!” One interpretation I like to briefly talk about is on taijutsu (body movement). Moving throughout your technique in training is a good measure of balance between that of your mind and body, thus the bridging of consciousness and sub-consciousness. We study this understanding through “Kihon Happou”.

A quote from Nagato sensei; “If you stop moving half way through a technique every time in training, this can be dangerous and could be an indicator you’re not training enough! When samurai fought countless days in battle, they experienced a ‘wave’ between the consciousness and unconsciousness (in and out of sleep) due to sleep deprivation and low energy levels, but still had to keep going regardless. Having an equal balance of the 2 allows one to survive in this situation and take on the challenges their faced throughout life. Only if you ‘Keep Going!'”

Sometimes you may hear your teacher say, “what was the technique were we doing again?” Just after having demonstrated the movement…this is most probably because their sub-consciousness has kicked in whilst doing the technique, thus this can be seen as the bridging balance between the consciousness and sub-consciousness.

Gambate Kudasai!

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