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Seminars Lists

Tiger & DragonTiger & Dragon
Both links below are good lists of Bujinkan seminar that are occurring around the world.

Kesshi List

Kutaki no Mura


Mahoutsukai Dojo Articles – Lots of good articles in their archive section

“Ninjitsu – Misunderstood Art” – An excellent article by Ed Lomax


Grandmaster Musaaki Hatsumi Interviews:

  • Martial Arts and Effectiveness – here
  • Q & A with Masaaki Hatsumi – here


You can view many videos in the public domain on YouTube and Google Videos. Clicking these links will take you to see a search result on “Bujinkan” for each site. Searching on “Hatsumi” will also yield some good results.


Tsuka-maki Styles – shows lots of different styles of Tsuka-maki

Forums and Podcasts

Kutaki no Mura – Worldwide Bujinkan Forum – Many good practioners and some Shihan regularly visit this site and post comments. A great place to share experiences or ask questions about all aspects of the training.

Kutaki no Ha – Bujinkan Podcast

Martial Talk – a general martial arts forum